In January of 2012, Paul Kucik, a waiter at Club Colette, who is a convicted felon with two arrests for indecent exposure, accused a prominent Palm Beach resident of breaking his finger. Mr. Kucik’s story spread to the local newspaper and numerous other publications and internet sources.

          It is now apparent that Mr. Kucik’s accusation was a scam.  Three physicians reviewed Mr. Kucik’s X-rayed finger and concluded that it was not broken.  Further, four guests at the prominent Palm Beach resident John K. Castle's table, signed sworn affidavits stating that nothing happened that evening that would be the basis to believe Mr. Castle hurt Mr. Kucik in any way.

          Significant information has come out that seriously undermines the credibility of Mr. Kucik’s comments.  It turns out that Mr. Kucik was a convicted felon who has spent time in federal prison for securities fraud.  He has also been arrested at least twice for indecent exposure.

          It is curious why Dan Ponton, the owner of Club Collette, would hire and retain a waiter with Mr. Kucik’s background. Members and guests at Collette, and Ponton’s new restaurant “Pickles,” should be apprised of what happened to one of Mr. Ponton’s customers.

Caring For The Needy

John K. Castle has devoted long hours every week to honest and hard work during his 47 year business career. From the fruits of his labor he has contributed personal time and generous donations to important Palm Beach area charities including Autism Speaks, The Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Programs, Catholic Charities Diocese of Palm Beach, Catholic Charities/Elder Program, the Palm Beach Infectious Disease Institute and dozens of other philanthropies. He is deeply committed to those in need. Mr. Castle is well known for giving generous tips to waiters, maître d’s, valets and piano players and in some years has paid the tuition for as many as 50 needy children in parochial and private schools.

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